Jiaxing Linhwa Medical Material Co., Ltd.-Zhejiang Fitmild Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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    Professional Wound Care Solutions

    Promoting healing in a gentle manner Providing professional care for wounds

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    Lean production management

    Global leading intelligent automation equipment

Specializing in wound dressings
Integrating research, production and marketing

Established in 2014,Zhejiang Fitmild Biotechnology Co., Ltd., is affiliated with Linhwa Medical Group, striving to be the leader in the domestic high-end medical dressing industry.

  • 30+countries and regions

    Businesses cover

  • 1000+hospitals nationwide

    Products cover

  • 6500 square

    First phase of 100,000-level dust-free workshop

Professional Wound Care Solutions

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    Skin-friendly type

    Non-woven wound dressing

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      Hypoallergenic and breathabl

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      Quick aspiration

    Primary Wound Dressing

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    Hydrocolloid Dressing ( without border )

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      Waterproof and breathable

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      Pain relief

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      Promote healing

    Functional Wound Dressing

Promoting healing in a gentle manner Providing professional care for wounds

Professional Wound Care Solutions

R&D & Intelligent Manufacturing

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R&D Innovation

Intelligent manufacturing

Zhejiang Fitmild has a group of professional R & D teams that combine theory with practice, relying on years of research on the production process and product characteristics of medical dressings,we have applied for and obtained a number of patents.