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    About Us


Specializing in wound dressings,Integrating research, production and marketing.

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    Production Research
    and Development

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    Network Marketing

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    Clinical Teaching
    and Research

Zhejiang Fitmild Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Ltd. established in 2014, is affiliated with Linhwa Medical Group, with a sales network covering China and more than 30 countries and regions around the world,and we are striving to be the leader in the domestic high-end dressings industry. With the parent company's perfect R & D production, channel network, clinical teaching and research experience and resources, Jiaxing Linhwa takes clinical research and development as the core and gathers a group of experienced senior R & D personnel in the industry, obtaining a series of related intellectual properties.


Zhejiang Fitmild Biotechnology Co., Ltd. products have gained the support and trust of customers from all over the world, including the USA, Canada, the UK and Japan...

  • 30 + countries and regions

    Businesses cover

  • 1000 + hospitals nationwide

    Products cover

  • 6500 square meter

    First phase of 100,000-level dust-free workshop

History & Milestone

  • 2023

    The name was changed to Zhejiang Fitmild Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

  • 2022

    Obtained twelve registrations for multiple types of functional dressings

    Launched the new R&D and production base

  • 2021

    The name was changed to Jiaxing Linhwa Medical Material Co., Ltd.

    Reposition wound dressings and accessory products

  • 2019

    Investment in the establishment of a new wound dressing R&D and production base of more than 100 million yuan

  • 2016

    Our enterprise succeeded in the buyout of Jiaxing Meson

  • 2015

    GMP for medical devices was passed, and the medical device manufacturing license and registration certificate were obtained in the same year

  • 2014

    Jiaxing Meson Medical Material Co., Ltd. was established

Linhwa Medical

The headquarter of Linhwa Medical Group, located in Yangcheng Lake, Suzhou Industrial Park, is a high-tech enterprise integrating independent innovation, manufacturing and brand marketing of high-end medical consumables, striving to provide healthy and safe products for clinical users, further to reduce worry of medical personnel and reassure patients.

 Linhwa Group sets up a number of subsidiaries, including Beijing Yue Tong Medical Device Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Fitmild Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Under the guidance of the enterprise's corporate culture of "one family", stuffs in Linhwa are ambitious, united and pragmatic, working together with customers and partners to create value for China's health care.


Address of the Chairman

Mr. Wu Linyuan, founder of Linhwa Medical, was born in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province

Graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He was engaged in the design and manufacture of machinery and moulds, doubling as the chief architect of Linhwa Medical's development goal planning, talent team building and enterprise system building.

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Linhwa Culture

  • Positioning Strategy

    We specialize in
    clinical healthcare products and services

  • Our Mission

    To help patients gain access to
    "anti-clogging and anti-thrombotic" vascular access drug delivery tools

  • Our Vision

    We are always pursuing innovation and remaining the leadership in healthcare consumables in China

  • One Family Culture

    One Family, One Goal , One Heart